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Stock Management

Updated: Wed, 29 Jul, 2020 at 3:05 PM

To mark an item out-of-stock follow these steps on a till or KDS.

1.    Open the app and select POS.

2.    Go to the side menu and select Stock Management.

3.    Find the item that needs to be marked as Sold Out and tap on the Status button to change it.

4.    If you wish to deactivate only from one of the ordering channels, tap on the status button under that channel.

5.    You can select items to be permanently or temporarily out of stock. These items will be removed from the platform.

Tap once for “Off (today)” Items selected as Off (today) will become available at 12AM the next day.

Tap twice for “Off (always)” Permanently out-of-stock until triggered back on

Tap again to return to “On”

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