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Paperless Kitchen Display System​​​​

Updated: Wed, 29 Jul, 2020 at 3:03 PM


Here is where the order lands when it is placed by the customer. All the information needed is displayed at the top of each order. At the bottom of the order it is shown the time that the order was placed and in the middle is the items that have been ordered.


Once the order has been prepared in the kitchen, the order is no longer greyed out so it is now ready to be dispatched/picked up by the customer.

Paperless KDS Order Flow

Kitchen Screen

When the order appears on the Kitchen screen. The iPad will alert the operator by a sound (please ensure the sound notification is on).  Once the order is finished in the kitchen, tap on the order and tap Confirm. The order will disappear from the Kitchen screen. You will also notice the source of the order in the top right which will help you with managing orders


After the order has been prepared in the kitchen and been confirmed, it will no longer be greyed out on the Front-of-House screen.

As you can see in the image below, there are 2 orders: one is blue(002) and the other one is grey(003). The order 002(blue) has been confirmed on the Kitchen screen as ready to be picked up whereas the grey one is still in production.

Once the customer is ready to receive their food and all the items of the order have been prepared, tap on the order to mark it as collected by selecting Confirm.

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