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Resetting manager password on Aloha and cash management

Updated: Tue, 9 Jun, 2020 at 11:23 AM

If a manager’s password has stopped working for either of the above, any other manager (or TL) in that store can reset their password for them, providing they have manager access assigned to them  


Aloha Configuration Centre  

  1. To change a managers Configuration centre password, log in with any other manager’s login  

  1. Click Maintenance—Labor—Employees  




  1. Select the manager’s name   

  1. Click ‘Above Store Settings’ and then click ‘Change Password’  

  1. Manager enters their new password twice and then press save  


New password is now live!


Resetting a Manager’s password in cash management  

  1. Ask another manager to log into cash management with their login  

  1. Click ‘Configuration’ on the home page   


  1. Find your name on the list, and click ‘Reset password’ in blue on the right hand side—  It will then ask you to confirm—Click OK  



  1. The manager who has had their password reset now needs to put their username (till  number) in the username box of the login screen and press ‘Login’ (without entering a  password)  

  1. It will now prompt for a new password to be set for the manager. Once they press save, this will be their password for now on  


Changing a Manager’s till login code  

The process for changing a code is listed below—It seems a bit of a long winded process, but should only take you 5 minutes   

  1. Copy your profile to a new number on Configuration Centre  

 Go to maintenance—labour—employees—choose the name—press copy on the right hand side—choose a new number and save. Then click ‘Above store Settings’ and ‘change password’ to choose a password Aloha configuration centre login (You can keep it the same as you had before)  

To delete the old till number profile, select it, click status—employment status— terminated—and select reason as ‘On system twice’  


  1. Number Update on Cash Management  

The number will not update on cash management until you have refreshed the tills  

(On config centre, Utiltiies—Aloha point of sale– refresh POS and all installed products— Automatically restart POS terminals)  

Once tills have refreshed, type your new login code into ‘username’ and leave password blank—Press login. You should then be asked to enter a new password. Confirm this  


Before you can complete banking on cash management you will need another manager to assign your rights—They need to login to cash management—Click configuration—Select ‘users’ from the left hand side—Find your name—click ‘running cash management’ in blue next to their name—Use the green arrows to assign all rights—Unassign ‘Fast forward end of day’ and ‘Allow factory reset access’ and press save  


You are now all set up to use your new number  




Creating Management Swipe Cards for the Till 

  The method stated below will mean that each manager will essentially have a login code which they will use for transactions (this will be set as having team member access level) and a swipe card login, which will be used to authorise discounts (This will be set as having Management access level). The reason for having two is that if you had just one login you would no longer be able to use the handhelds, which can only accept numbers rather than cards to login 


Aloha Configuration Centre 

-Login, click  ‘Maintenance’ – ‘Labor’ – ‘Employees’ 

- Click on your existing management code, click ‘Jobcode’ and then change access level from ‘FOH Manager’ to ‘Team Member FOH’ and save 

-You will now need to copy your profile by clicking ‘copy’ on the right hand side – The 4 digit number you choose is not important, as this will be deleted later on and replaced with the swipe card. Rename the Nickname as your ‘Your name CARD’ i.e. ‘Andy CARD’. Scroll down on this page and tick the ‘use magnetic card’ box – Then click ‘jobcode’ and set the access level to ‘FOH Manager’ - Save this duplicate profile 

-Refresh your till system (Utilities – POS – Refresh POS and all installed products) 



-Your original number will now only have team member access. You will need to use another manager’s 4 digit till login code to activate the first card (you can do this via the swipe card login in future) 

-Other manager logs into till with their existing 4 digit number – Clicks ‘functions’ – ‘employee’ – ‘clear password’ – choose the card number e.g. ‘Andy CARD’. Confirm the password clear and logout 

-Login into the till with the 4 digit number from ‘Andy CARD’ and you will be prompted to enter a new password – DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD – You must swipe the card on the till, and again to confirm 

This will now have set up the card as the login for that account, and the 4 digit number will no longer work 

You will need to login both your ‘team member’ login number and your card each morning, using your team member code to close off transactions on the ipods, and the card to close off transactions on the till (the card account will still need to be assigned to the cash drawer) 


Deleting Old logins codes & Dummy Accounts on Aloha Configuration centre 


  1. Log in to Aloha Configuration Centre 

  1. Click on ‘Maintenance’ – ‘Labor’ – ‘Employees’ 

Select the Employee that you want to delete from the drop down list 

Click the red ‘Delete’ button on the right hand side of the screen 

  1. Confirm the delete 

This will update on your tills following either a till refresh or over night 








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