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Reset password on ALOHA configuration center

Updated: Fri, 5 Jun, 2020 at 5:59 PM


This procedure complains to teach how to reset the users/employee password inside the ALOHA Configuration Center. 





Open the software: 

First, dial in on the restaurant server by a secure and correct remote connection and look for the Aloha Configuration Center icon on the desktop 


Pic.01 - Inside the server, open this icon to start ALOHA CONFIGURATION CENTER. 


Log in on Global: 

  1. Double click on the icon to open the application, put your username and password.  

Select on the OWNER field, the GLOBAL (scroll to the top)  


Pic.02 -Login screen.Pic.03 -Select the owner (GLOBAL). 



Pic.04  Sign In. 


Menu Employees: 

  1. After Sing in, you will see this screen below and to change the user password, 

  2. click on menu MAINTENANCE à LABOR à EMPLOYEES 





Employee settings:

 Now you are on the Employees section. You can select the employee on the dropdown menu called “Employee:” 


Pic.06 – Employees screen. 



Selecting employee:

 On drop down menu, select the user with the field called “SystemAccessDes...” has the words (above store or POS above store). 


Pic.06  The employees drop down menu. 


  1. Reset Password:

  2.  After you select the employee, go to the tab “Above Store Settings” and on the Reset Password row click on the 3 dots and put a temporary new password for this user. 

  3. When you use the Reset Password menu the user will be asked to change his password on the first logon. 


Pic.07 – Select the exact EMPLOYEE and go to ABOVE STORE SETTINGS. After this, follow the menu RESET PASSWORD to click on the 3 dots “…” and reset the person password. 


Pic.08 – Reset password screen 



Pic.09  Successfully reset 

The employee needs to reset his password after connecting. 

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