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create an employee for NCR tills

Updated: Fri, 5 Jun, 2020 at 5:53 PM

Login to Aloha Configuration Centre and go to Maintenance>Labour>Employees. 

Select “New” and fill up the below fields on the “Employee” tab: 

  • System access: POS only for most of the users, POS and above store for employees that will be using Configuration Centre. 

  • First Name 

  • Last Name 

  • Export ID: Enter the employee Number from Fourth  



Select the Jobcodes” tab and under the Jobs section click on “Add” 

Select a Jobcode and an access level from the dropdown in accordance to the Employee’s position.  


 The rest of the tabs don’t need filling up. 

Hit Save.  

In order for the employee to appear on the till you need to do a POS refresh or wait until the next day.  




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