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Aloha Pairing of Ipods

Updated: Tue, 2 Jun, 2020 at 2:26 PM


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After reading this document the person is able to assign the iPod on the YO! Sushi restaurants with the server on the same restaurant.  





Preparing for the job 

Before start, select what restaurant you will be re-assign the iPod.  

Go to and get the restaurant name and telephone. 

Connect to the server remotely and open the Aloha Mobile software, next to the clock at right bottom corner (Picture.01) 


Pic.01 - Green icon called ALOHA MOBILE 


Right-click on the Aloha Mobile Software and select “Mobile Config”  like the picture 2 below: 


Pic.02 Opening Mobile Config software 



Waiting the software load (picture 03) and call to the restaurant. 


Pic. 03 – Aloha Mobile software interface. 



Collecting the iPod name 


After open the Aloha Mobile software, call to the restaurant to get the iPod information. Tell the employee to get one iPod and inside the iPod check the name of the device.  

Go to SETTINGS >> GENERAL >> ABOUT and collect the name of the iPod (Example: CARD 56) the iPod is the 56. 



Generating the QR-code for the device 


Now you have the information about the device (iPod 56 for this restaurant).  

Come back to the server and on the Aloha Mobile software interface, at the left bottom “DEVICES” you will see a red ball in front of the numbers (picture 04). Click on the ball to generate a QR-Code for this device (picture 05). 


Pic. 04 – The red balls in front of each device. 



Pic. 05 – After clicking on the red ball corresponding to the iPod will generate the QR-Code on the right. 


Take a print-screen for this QR-Code and send to the customer by email. Tell the person to open the ALOHA software inside the corresponding iPod and aim the camera to the QR-Code. 

** Note, you need to do it fast before the QR-Code expire ** 

After sending the email, come back to the server to approve the assignment, you will be received 3 messages to pair the iPod. 

Check with the employee if it is possible to see the orders and the tables inside the software. If not, start to generate a QR-Code again. 


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