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Trend Micro Client How to

Updated: Tue, 2 Jun, 2020 at 2:17 PM


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This document can explain how to update the TREND MICRO Client ANTI-VIRUS on the computer and how to use it to scan malware, malicious software, and virus on your computer. 






 Update the ANTI-VIRUS software on your computer 

Below, you can find instructions to update the anti-virus with the latest vaccines. 

On the right corner (next to the Windows clock) you can find an arrow, click on it and you can see a red ball like the picture below: 



Pic.01  Red Ball for TREND MICRO Client ANTI-VIRUS software 


Right click on the Red Ball icon and select “UPDATE NOW”  



Pic.02 – Update the ANTI-VIRUS 


The TREND MICRO Client ANTI-VIRUS will start the update vaccines. 



Pic.03  - ANTI-VIRUS updates screen 


Pic.04 – Update completed 


  1. Running the ANTI-VIRUS on your computer 


After the update, you can run the ANTI-VIRUS on the computer like showed instructions below: 



Pic.05 – Right click on Red Ball again and select “SCAN NOW” 



Pic.06 – Select the Disc or Folder and click on button SCAN 



Pic.07 – The scanner started on the selected location. 


If the TREND MICRO Client ANTI-VIRUS found some malware on your computer please select to delete it. 


If you are unable to delete the file, please print screen and send by email to 


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