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  • No display or black screen on a computer monitor
    If you are experiencing troubles with a computer monitor that has no display, only a black screen, when you turn on your computer, review the troubleshooting sections below. Monitor is not on It may seem obvious, but make sure the monitor is turned on. If you do not see a power LED (...
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  • Out of hours escalations rota
        Adam Barlow AB Kashif Saleem KS Laura de San Pedro LA Hassan Barratt HB     December January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 Tu KS 1 Fr New Year's Day KS 1 Mo LA 1 Mo LA...
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  • Aloha Pairing of Ipods
      Page Break  After reading this document the person is able to assign the iPod on the YO! Sushi restaurants with the server on the same restaurant.     Contents  PREPARING FOR THE JOB COLLECTING THE IPOD NAME GENERATING THE QR-CODE FOR THE DEVICE   ...
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  • Opening the App
    The app can be found on the iPad home screen in the dock at the bottom. To access the EPOS or Kiosk follow the steps below. Find the app on the home screen. The app icon is a white square with lines crossing over as shown in the picture.
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  • Change Management Process
    Please check attached
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  • Out of Hours Escalation process
    Out of Hours Escalation process Table of Contents Overview. What is a Priority 1 issue? Initial Checks Process Non-Priority 1 incidents   Overview. This document defines the process for escalating Priority 1 system issues outside of standard business working hours (Mon – Fri ...
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